When Cinemas Open


We can’t wait for the cinemas to re-open - it has been far far too long.

Whether it is Leicester square, a fancy everyman, a float in cinema, drive-in cinemas or even a hot tub cinemas - we want to be there with bells on.

Odeon, Vue, Everyman, Empire, Curzon, Cineworld, Luna Cinema, Showcase cinema - WE HAVE MISSED YOU!!

Dont get me wrong we have tired to make do during the pandemic, but creating a home cinema is not the same. The whiff of popcorn, the slurp of an ice cold post mix coke - you can’t beat it.

Thank you sky cinema, thank you Netflix & thank you Amazon prime for keeping us topped up with film and theatre content during the lockdowns. But it’s time to head back out into the real world, back into cinemas and theatres up and down the country.

Its not quite time for regular cinemas to open, but there are some amazing alternatives out there to get stuck into whilst we wait patiently for cinemas to re-open their doors.

Luna Drive in cinemas is an amazing covid friendly alternative which is now open and available - Check it out here - https://www.lunadriveincinema.com/.

A drive-in theatre near me, who would have thought it!

How about a float in cinema - see it to believe it https://openaire.co.uk/

Anyway that is enough for now. Hopefully this has whet the appetite and we will all be back in front of the big screen ASAP!

Much Love,

Team Project Popcorn

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