Project Popcorn - The Mission

Project Popcorn was created for 1 simple reason...

Help support grass-roots performing arts & film.

Here at Project Popcorn we offer funding & support for people who want to pursue a career or passion within the film or performing arts industry. 

We help creative dreams and visions become reality. 

We also offer support for the institutions that provide us with a portal into another world, the places that play host to performing arts and film - theatres and cinemas. Working closely with theatres and  cinemas we are able to help them through the  tough times and help them capitalize during  the good times. 

We make and sell popcorn with a purpose. 

Every day we focus on providing support to aspiring film-makers, screen writers, dancers, actors, play-writes and all other creative dreamers who are struggling to see their film or performing arts project take off.

So just know...

When you buy Project Popcorn, some of the money you spend will go directly to helping someone's creative film or performing arts dream take flight.


Much Love - Team Project Popcorn x

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