If you have made it this far you should already be aware that Project Popcorn is more than an ordinary snacking brand.

The profits we make selling our popcorn are used to fund performing arts & film projects.

We want to inspire creativity and promote careers within creative sectors.

One of the ways we do this; there's a section on our website allowing aspiring actors, film makers and creative dreamers to get in touch and request funding for their upcoming creative projects.

Not only do we do this, but we simultaneously run our own initiatives to help worthy causes within the creative industry...

Introducing PROJECT ONE

PROJECT ONE is our inaugural initiative where we will be providing free books to aspiring screen-writers. 

Project Popcorn are committing to distribute over 1,000 screenwriter starter packs. Each pack will include:

  • 1x Blank note-book & pen
  • 1x Best Selling screen writing starter guide.

Packs will be distributed to those who don’t usually have access to these types of resources.

We hope PROJECT ONE will inspire creativity amongst young aspiring screenwriters and provide a starting point for under privileged groups within the UK.

How can you help?

It goes without saying, this project and others like it, are made possible by the sale of our popcorn.

If you would like to support this project head over to the shopping page and grab yourself a bag or 10.

 Much Love,


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