Best Alternative Cinema Experiences - London 2021

We all love going to the cinema & watching latest blockbuster, or perhaps a famous old classic. 

There are ways to level up your cinema experience, beyond your wildest dreams.

The below is a list of alternative, interesting and luxurious cinema experiences that exists in London. 


This list is comprised of independent picturehouses, to luxury London cinemas.

There are also some amazing historic movie theatres thrown in to boot. 

1. Rich Mix  - a thriving community arts space in Shoreditch. 

2. The Lexi Cinema - your ticket money goes to charity at The Lexi Cinema. This community-run cinema.

3. Peckham Plex - cheap tickets at multi-screen independent cinema Peckham Plex. 

4. BFI Southbank - Flagship venue for the British Film Institute, Plays host to London film festivals once a year.

5. Electric Cinema Portobello - An Edwardian cinema and one of the oldest in London. Great cinema date night spot.

6. Everyman Screen on the Green - Order food to your chair while watching the big screen. Opened in 1913.

7. Phoenix Cinema  - An independent which is perfect for foreign-language and specialist films.

8. Rio Cinema - Turkish and Kurdish filmmakers  are showcased  at this venue plus there's often anniversary screenings of cult films.

9. Ritzy Cinema - Brixtons finest and best cinema. Latest films, world movies and documentaries at this unique venue. 

10. Backyard Cinema - Find themed sets and drinks at Backyard Cinema's film events in London.

11. Secret Cinema - need i say more? If you know you know. 

Hope you like my recommendations. Comment below if there are any i've missed. 

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